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Your Plastic Surgery Blog and What to Write About?


Blogging is a great way to promote your practice since a lot of people like to read or write blogs.

Plastic surgery blogs can also help your plastic surgery SEO efforts and offer some comprehensive advice about the different procedures too.

Medical doctor drawing plastic surgery on the virtual screen.

If you’re interested in starting a blog about plastic surgery here is some ideas about what to include in your own blog:

1) Put a FAQ section for patients: Answers for common questions from other patients. It can draw them to the blog and they will be able to browse through the blog.

2) Specials: Having a good deal on plastic surgery? Have it in an area where it’s easily accessible or on the website. What a great way to “reel in” some new prospective clients. A coupon always attracts people especially women.

3) Having an event?: Hosting or having an open house is another great way to introduce yourself to other people and gain some more clients. Let them get to know you and your staff. They could spread the word. Also, announcing it on social medias such as facebook or twitter would be great too because those are two of the major social media sites right now. You can easily get a lot of likes!

4) Procedures: Have an explanation about what kinds of procedures there are and what to expect. Maybe have some before and after photos to give people ideas about what they can have done and see what kind of results to expect. Also, you can add what to do after surgery. Caring for the area you had surgery on is very important to prevent infections.

5) reviews from the patients: Spread the word! If people had a good experience they will tell their friends and they will be happy to pass it on to other people.

6) news: any news related to plastic surgery that might be of interest. Anything new about the world of plastic surgery or new doctors that might be able to offer some help. Also, any new equipment or new procedure should be added whenever it should come up. Keeping the blog up to date is important. Any news, big or small, should be added.

These are some great ideas to add to your blog. Add them to the major search engines and you’re guaranteed to attract more people to your blog. A couple of search engines to look into are Bing and Google. They are the more popular ones available now.

Also, aol, yahoo (another big one), and hundreds of others. The more search engines you put your blog on, the more results you will get. When you’re on posting on facebook, you can also include your blog website on the bottom of your post. People will see it and click on it to see what it is. There are plenty of ways to promote a new blog or business. The more you promote, the better the results will be.

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