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Why You Are Not Getting Traffic From Your Articles


Not getting traffic from an article comes down to several things. Believe it or not the problem is not always from the article itself, but that is a good place to start looking at.

1. A poorly written article title. If you do not get read you are dead. The title is what draws your reader to your article.

How do you write a good title? Start by looking at articles online that have titles that catch your eye.

Go to EzineArticles.com and scan articles in the category you are writing about. Keep a swipe file of good titles you can go back and look at to write better titles for your articles.

2. Your article is not very good. Writing is a skill that you can improve on by doing more of it. Make sure you do not have grammar and spelling errors.

Then work at improving your content. If you write articles on interesting topics people will read them.

3. A well written resource box. Think of this as a short classified ad on yourself or your product. Give specific directions on what you want your read to do. Again go to EzineArticles.com and look at the Expert Authors to get ideas on how to write a good resource box.

4. Submitting to the wrong places. At the very least submit to the top 3-5 article directories. Here is a good list of the Top 50. If you get your articles in as many of these as possible your traffic will increase.

5. Not enough articles online. If you write one article and do not get traffic that is called a clue! If you write 10 and get a few visitors that is another clue.

Think big and start writing and submitting like crazy. Go for 10-20 a day if you have time. If not consider outsourcing some of your writing to a qualified article writer [http://web.archive.org/web/20101124124036/http://article-writer.team-schuman.com/]. As your articles are archived online they can continue to bring you traffic for many years to come.

6. Use a submission service. I am a big fan of Submit Your Article. They make submitting very easy and you can create unique version of your articles so the search engines like them. This is the best way to do article marketing

I recently saw a post in a discussion forum where the person was complaining about not getting any traffic from the 10 articles they had written and submitted. Do you know that EzineArticles.com has had over 1 million articles submitted to it? And this is only 1 online article directory.

You need to wrap your head around the idea that the World Wide Web is BIG! 10 articles online is like having a restaurant open at 6:00 A.M and closing at 6:01 A.M. and then wondering why you do not have any customers.

You are going to need a lot more articles online than 10. Hopefully this article will help you understand why you are not getting enough traffic from your articles.

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