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Why They’re Not Buying From You (And What You Can Do About It)


There’s probably nothing more frustrating than pouring your heart and soul into creating a program, putting it out there into the world and… nobody buys. It’s like planning an incredible party and then nobody comes. Not fresh!

The great news is, the reason why nobody’s buying usually comes down to one of just a few things. Once you get a feel for what makes an offer fizzle or fly-off-the-shelves, you can design your programs and offerings to be irresistible.

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself the next time you’ve made a great offer and are still wondering, “Why won’t they buy?”

1. Is there a demand for what you’re offering? (In other words, do they really want it?) I often hear my clients say they need to “drum up interest” in their latest product or program. Straight up: drumming up interest is not only exhausting, it’s a losing battle. It’s much, much easier to find a demand and fill it.

Now before you start groaning or pulling your hair out in frustration here… this is easier than you think! I’m willing to bet a milkshake (my favorite wager) that at least one of your offerings provides an outcome that your clients already want. What do they say they want solved, in their own words? Which of your products or programs provides that outcome?

Your job is to position that offering so that it meets your clients where they are. Which leads me to…

2. Are the benefits and outcomes stated clearly? We transformation pros loooove our process. For example, I heart coaching. However, nobody really pays me for coaching. People invest with me to build their business, to create fabulous income for the work they’re meant to do, and to create freedom in their lives.

Your clients are not paying you for your process, either. They want a very specific transformation… and they must value that transformation enough to invest in it. When you show them that what you do will provide what they want, they’ll happily invest.

Bonus tip: One tool to powerfully communicate the value of your work is a Signature System. Packaging your process into a step-by-step system positions you as the go-to expert and makes it easy for clients to “get” what you do.

3. Do you have payment plans to make it easy? One of my mentors loves to say, “Don’t make it hard for people to give you money!”

Payment plans are a great way to support your clients in saying yes to your offerings AND they help even out your cash flow. Always offer a full pay option and at least one other payment plan. (Important tip: make sure to structure your plan so that you’re NOT giving away a ton of service before your program is complete!)

4. How’s your energy? Whatever your doubts, fears and insecurities around your offerings are, they’ll be mirrored back to you in your clients – guaranteed. So if you’re wondering, “Will they pay for that?” don’t be surprised when you attract a lot of people who can’t – or won’t – invest in your program.

Make sure you’re crystal-clear-certain on the value of what you’re offering first. Also, remember that you don’t have the right to decide what people will or will not pay. (This is a biggie!)

While there will always be people who truly can’t pay, 99% of the time “I can’t afford it” is an excuse. When you’re certain that your deal is a no brainer, and you refuse to accept excuses, the clients you attract will match your energy with their energy… and their commitment and their money.

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