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TURBO TAX Online Review


Turbo Tax accounting software is innovative, extremely easy to use and simple enough to understand. The web based appplication is progressive so you do not have to purchase more than you need, and the will even let you file an ez return free of charge.
Most user have a general idea of their filing needs so it might be a good idea to skip the free file if your return requres more preparation.
Basically select a product to begin, and answer the prompted questions(most of this requires nothing more than just entering information off of your tax documents), based on your initial answers the system may recommend upgrading to the next product if it would produce a better refund.
The application is completely easy to use an navigate, and allows you to change information easily. They have considered every possibilty for maximizing your potential refund without overwhelming the at home tax preparer. Turbo tax online also features an expansive community of tax help for support and guidance.
There are only two things that I consider to be drawbacks for this system vs. paying outlandish tax preparation fees to a live person, the first being that the software does not specify the amounts able to claimed without reciepts for charitable contributions and donations. The reason I bring this up is not because I think consumers should push the envelope but because I believe most consumers are willing to underestimate deductions to have a static free tax filing. With that being said I feel many Americans simply do not claim these deductions. The other improvement I would reccomend is the capability to offer refund anticipation loans. They only offer electronic filing, and while these loans are high interest and generaly a waste of precious dollars, there are simply too many competitors offering them and millions of Americans willing to pay for them, who may not have other borrowing options.
Overall the product is an excellent value and will store information from years past to make future returns even easier, completely reccomended.

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