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Top 3 Ways For Earning Through Your Computer


Online earning is on its peak nowadays. Just look around yourself you will find people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Neil Patel and millions of more. These People have made a huge online business empire and are earning beyond our thoughts.

They were normal persons but there hardwork make them what they are now. So, the first step in starting online earning is hard work and patients. You will have to work hard and you will see with passage of time doors will start opening for you.

Starting with new idea is great but for that you will have to earn something before, because every new thing needs time, hard work and money.

So today I will show how you can earn from you computer.

There are many ways but I will only mention that one which I liked the most.


This is the best possible and easy way I found ever. It take time and hard work but the end result is always good. I always prefer this method because I am not a computer science student, so I cannot go with apps/games developments etc.

You don’t need to be a computer expert for this method.

The things you should do is to build a blog. A blog is basically a form of website in which you can share your articles, videos, pictures etc. so go through these steps

* Select a interested niche and build up a blog on it.
* Share interesting contents on your blogs.
* Now start bringing visitor to your site. For this you can use different methods the most powerful is google and social media. Bringing visitors from google will be bit difficult so, I will suggest you to go for social media traffic that would be easy. In meanwhile you can learn about getting traffic from google.
* Now when you think you have a reasonable quantity of visitors, start placing ads on your blog. You can choose Google AdSense for ads or content.ad. There are many other companies which offer ads.
* When visitor came to your site and click on ads you will be pay for each click.
* Pay on each click depends upon different condition.



You can choose click or amazon for this process which are on the peak. It’s a simple process.

For this you will have to select a product of your interest and then to build a blog on it. You will have to present the product in an attractive way so people came and buy it.

After this you can do promotion of the product on social media or you can rank your site in google to get traffic.

On each buy you will get a percentage. Different companies offer different percentages.

One other way is to build your own product and then sell that on internet. You can easy wrote an ebook on someone and can then sell it on internet.



It is also a good way of earning and millions of people are earning thousands of dollars from it daily.

For this process you will have to record interesting and attractive videos and then publish them on youtube.

Then you will have to apply for google adsense for youtube. It is easier to get adsense on youtube then a blog.

Place the ads on your videos. When visitors came to watch you videos and click on ad you will get pay for that.

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