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Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Bloggers


Chrome is on the top of web browser and also have a huge web store with the a lots of extensions to meet everyone’s need. That’s why sometimes it become harder to choose the right extensions.
I have shorted some of the top extension which I personally use and found useful.


I have selected these extensions on the basis of their functionality, graphics, ease of use and usability.
Here’s a list of top 10 chrome extensions for blogger which is surely going to help you in your journey.


Pushbullet is a great tool to share your text, images and files among your device. You can also connect pushbullet with IFTTT to get notification of your recipes. By connecting Pushbullet with IFTTT you can:

* Tweet your Latest Post to Twitter
* Post your Latest Post on Facebook and LinkedIn etc.
* Get notified whenever someone comments on your blog post
* Receive notification whenever someone order your gig on Fiverr.
* and more.


Using this great tool you can manage you Emails without actually opening Gmail. You can also delete and Compose new Emails without opening Gmail.
This tool will also show a small popup at the side when new mail will arrive. You can use it to manage multiple emails too!
Link to Webstore


Wunderlist is the best way to manage almost everything. You can use it to track your To-dos, Favourite Things, Set Reminders, etc.

This tool makes it, even more, easier. You can quickly add notes or new things in your wunderlist. With just some clicks, you are done. Very useful tool when you are getting out of time or want to spare some time.


Evernote, I think all of you already knows about it. It is surely the best way to keep your Notes and Everything in one Place. It is available for the device types such as Web, Iphone, Ipad, Android and more.

Evernote web clipper can be used to save an article from the web, the whole page and assign a notebook or specific tag.


SnagIt lets you capture or do the screen recording of anything on your screen. From a specific area to the whole screen. You can capture anything or even record it with this tool.

Main Option in SnagIt are:

* Capture Specific Region
* Only the Visible Part of Screen
* Scrolling
* There is also a whole screen record option which will record the whole visible tab.


With Remind me you can set a reminder to be reminded at specific time along with a small note or set a timer which will remind you with your note after specified time.

Best app when you have to do multiple things and can’t manage or keep all of them in mind. You can set reminder for anything such as:

* Check Inbox
* Compose a Mail
* or even order a Pizza


Todoist keeps you organized, focused, and more productive. The perfect todo app. You can use it wherever you need it: on Google Chrome, mobile device, desktop, browser, Gmail, and more.

You can set to-dos and reminders too! It can also use to add website as a task like visit google.com after five minutes. The Best todo app ever. With IFTTT, you can make it cooperate with Evernote, Wunderlist and Google Sheets too.


As the name suggest, This app will store all of your Password in a secure way and with the auto-login feature, you don’t need to remember any password Again. Just 1 Password which is the Master Key to Unlock it.

It is just missing one Feature, You can’t sync you passwords among your device. However, you can do this manually, but this doesn’t make any sense. Its alternative with sync feature are

* Dashlane
* Last Pass



I can’t even tell how many time it has saved my time. With just one click you can add any web page to read later even offline. It automatically stores main data and leaves the other things like advertising etc.

It just takes a few seconds to add the web page to your pocket and make it available to read for all of your devices like android, Ipad, Iphone and Web Etc. It also supports tags to help you manage them easily.


Grammarly, Surely the best Grammar and Spell checker ever. Grammarly checks every sentence and word with it 250 Grammar rules and uncountable spelling to give you the best result. That is why It is on the top of chrome extension list

Grammarly is very useful of non-native English speakers like me.

However, Grammarly is free but it has some advanced features which are only available in Premium One.

It is also available for MS-Word and MS-Outlook to help you.


These Tools and Apps are surely going to help you a lot in your Journey. These apps can increase your productivity, time-management. So, Choose them wisely.

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