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The Traffic Accident That Changed My Life…Online


At the time I was working with strictly PHP-Nuke database style websites and was getting proficient at setting those up, nowadays it takes me all of ten minutes to install and configure a PHP-Nuke site. But anyways, here�s what happened, Like I mentioned, I was getting fairly decent with installing nuke so I figured what the heck, why not join the bulletin board at my web host and offer my services to other users who were having problems installing Nuke. I knew from browsing the boards many were having trouble, so I wrote a quick article with my signature and a link back to my site�and guess what?….That damn link is still bringing me hits and so far no ones even asked for help, I think there more interested in just checking out PHP-Nuke. Over those two years, I had read and tried every moneymaking scheme online, as well as every super-duper-mega-hits-traffic-tool you can imagine, if it was new, I had stock in the company. Then I happened upon a man that would forever change the way I viewed the online world. The man is not only one of the most unselfish people I�ve ever met, the guy is a genius, and that my friends is an understatement �This guy literally tells you word for word what you need to do to succeed online�.IF YOU LISTEN!! You have to actually sit down and read his articles�you won�t regret it, I promise. The man�s name is Ewen Chia, if you ever get a chance to read anything by this guy you had better jump on it�even if it costs you, it would be money well spent. You can get the latest article�s for free at Ewens website here http://www.ezinearticle.com But anyways, here�s how Ewen Chia ties into all this, I had purchased some marketing products from him and of course signed up for his newsletter and was impressed with his overall professionalism and generosity. We had even spoken back and forth through email several times�I mean, you spend a few bucks or not he�s there. I�m still getting articles on a regular basis from him and still fascinated reading them. One day I was surfing a webmaster forum and it wasn�t too long after my traffic surge from the bulletin board. I came across an article of Ewens on how to get your site indexed by Google within 7 days�.and once I read it, it hit me like a brick upside my noggin. He spoke of the importance of writing and submitting articles�.just like I had done at my web host�so I did a link ckeck on my site, and sure as %@!#%&�just like his article states, you will get indexed by Google and there were all my posts�in Google, and I mean, all of them! And just so you know, I was nonexistent prior to those article submissions, at least in Google�s eyes. Repeat after me�Google likes content, Google likes content, Google likes content, Google likes content, Google likes fresh content too, Google also likes finding your link on highly ranked sites. I�m Telling you boys, You need to get those articles rolling off the press if you want to keep Google happy. Now don�t forget to try and keep your keywords in mind when searching for a place to submit your articles though, don�t just submit anywhere. You won�t have any trouble finding sites with a high Page Rank as long as your using Google�s toolbar, theirs plenty of forums no matter what your looking for. Some have special rules but most will let you post as long as you give a valid email address. Like this nice site for example, thanks guys. Just get writing and you will be amazed at how fast things start looking up. Make Money Now With Resale Rights Secrets! http://resale-resell-rights.com Article May Be Copied But Links Must Remain In Tact . Brian King Is A Full Time Internet Marketer And Major Of Computer Science From Cayuga, NY

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