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Alternative Energy Sources Wave Power

Among many indicators of global warming is the fact that the amount of heat stored in the oceans is increasing. So it makes sense to use that heat to provide for mankind’s energy needs. The US Navy is among those developing ways of doing so. The other sources of energy from the sea are tidal power and wave power.

When the worldwide price of crude oil rocketed following the Middle East crisis of the early 1970’s and the subsequent formation of OPEC to control supplies there was an upsurge of interest in alternatives and ways of harnessing the power of the waves received significant volumes of government investment in the UK and elsewhere. Probably the best known of the devices that were developed during this period is the Salter Duck. Read More

The History of VIrtual Reality

Jaron Lanier, founder of VPL Research, coined the term “virtual reality.” Virtual reality allows the user to become completely immersed in a simulated, three-dimensional world that is entirely computer-generated. Read More

Mobile Phone Viruses Tips to Protect from a Cell Phone Virus

Part of phone security is protecting a cell phone from viruses. Mobile phone viruses are not as common as computer viruses, but a cell phone virus can steal your data and lead to identity theft. Cell phone viruses are becoming more common, since people have turned to PDAs and mobile devices as a part of everyday lives. Cell phone apps allow you to do mobile banking and purchase items online. For this reason, mobile phone viruses can steal your information and send it to an identity thief or hacker. Read More