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The Story Teller:

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The Soul Pilots: 66 Stories Of Courage & Redemption

The Magician: 28 Lessons In Real Magic

The Enchanted World: How Energy Works In Life, Love & Language



Student Reviews For

The Story Teller

"I have been profoundly touched by the sincerity of the material and the honest support I received while studying.

I am eternally grateful to you for this opportunity to open my heart and speak out.

Sandra Gorsuch
Dumfries, Scotland

"What an intriguing course!

"I started out of pure interest and have gone on to completely change my career and the path of my whole life!"

Martha Turner

"As a teacher, I have had every opportunity to put into practise what I've learned from this amazing course.

"It has really awoken the "Story Teller Within" me. I've learned so much, and this is such wonderful knowledge. Thank you all!

Sharon Hayworth, Kingston, Jamaica

"A marvelous course with superb support and feedback.

"Thank you Sidereus Foundation for your outstanding material and much appreciated encouragement."

Gerald Newham
Iowa, USA

"This course had me captivated from the first unit to the last. I have studied language and communication for a long time, but this is such a refreshing approach, humane and most of all, so very doable.

"I've surprised myself time and time again! And a special thank you to my tutor who was very patient and approachable."

Stephan Nilcowicz, Seattle, USA

"I never knew I had so much to say. Thank you for opening up the floodgate!"

Georgina Poe
Georgetown, USA



Questions & Support



Online Course In Story Telling:

The Story Teller: Online Course In Story Telling

The Story Teller

created by for YOU by Dr Silvia Hartmann



What do Joseph Campbell, Milton Erickson, James Joyce, Richard Bandler, William Shakespeare, Carl Jung and William James have in common?

Answer 1:

Each one is regarded as being "A Genius".

Answer 2:




Arching Across The Time Of Humanity

From The Deepest Ages To The Most Modern Insights

Story Telling Is One Of The Least Understood,

Yet One Of The Most Powerful Processes there are.



Whether it is your desire to:

  • enchant an audience of many, or a single human being;
  • create lasting change in mind, heart & soul;

  • heal with your voice, your words and your intention;

  • transmit your intentions, knowledge and experience in written or spoken form;

  • unleash creativity with perfect control and soaring ease;

  • produce entirely original, entirely unique work that is your very own;

  • widen your range and ability to communicate into new dimensions;


.... or whether you would simply like to now stand up and speak your own truths

clearly, precisely and with volition -


The Story Teller will show you the way.


The Story Teller: Online Course In Story Telling

Let A True Master Of Story Telling Show YOU

How YOU can become a Master Story Teller, too.

This OUTSTANDING course in 8 units will teach you new skills, open up whole new areas of information, understanding and abilities, and will bring YOUR talents as a communicator into a new dimension.

If you have a true desire to become an OUTSTANDING communicator with the absolute power to change people, this course is for you.

In-depth, demanding, extremely advanced and challenging, yet immensely rewarding and a wonderful learning curve towards going beyond communications excellence, there simply isn't anything available on this planet today that can touch The Story Teller.

  • Dr Silvia Hartmann is an advanced General Semanticist, an NLP Trainer and Member of the Society of NLP, an experienced Hypnotist and trainer of Hypnotherapy, a reknown public speaker but also a creative artist and a poet, a member of the Society of Authors, a literary writer, a song writer and the author of wonderful stories, as well as best selling "How To" manuals that have been translated into many languages.

Dr Hartmann has modelled from her own unrivalled experience with communicating in all these many different modalities, as well from over 30 years of working in stimulating the creativity of others, this outstanding course FOR YOU.

On this course, you will learn theory, but far more than that, you will learn through your own experience as you begin to write YOUR OWN STORIES, find YOUR OWN WORDS, and start speaking YOUR TRUTH to the audiences of your choice - may it be one, or many.

This Course In Story Telling Is ...

... a course of information about metaphor, energy, voice, language and communication;

... a sequence of custom made EVENTS that will unlock YOUR genius and potential;

... a series of multi-layered exercises to bring together YOUR innate skills and talents;

... an opportunity to practice the advanced forms of story telling in safety and with feedback;

... and most of all, a device to BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE in all forms of magic communication.


  • As this is a completely UNIQUE training from the ground up, you do NOT need any previous experience with NLP, hypnosis, general semantics, university education or literary expression to bring out YOUR innate talents.

Dr Hartmann has created this course for ANY HUMAN BEING who wishes to make use of their Creator given abilities, skills and talents and use these to EXPRESS THEMSELVES, and to communicate for CHANGE.


Here are just some of the fantastic skills and abilities YOU will discover:

How to use YOUR voice to "enchant" and "enliven";

  • How to reach into the deeper levels of energy, subconscious and to make changes there;
  • How you can create deep rapport and gain respect from your audiences - anywhere;
  • What the crucial differences between "fact" and "fiction" are, and how to use this effectively;
  • How the act of "evoking emotions" allows YOU to lead any audience from despair to delight;
  • Why you must fall in love with YOUR own true voice, and what happens when you do;
  • How you can FREE yourself from limiting entrainments of the past;
  • How HYPNOSIS works in Story Telling;
  • and how YOU create amazing, vivid experiences for ANY audience that will stay with them forever.

And THAT is only the beginning!

Once you have become familiar with the tools of the craft, this amazing course that is The Story Teller then moves on to "give your heart and soul their voice."

You will discover:

  • Endless streams of creativity inside of YOU;
  • How you can shamanically contact the energy fields of YOUR audience and find THE RIGHT story to tell;
  • How to use "Heirloom Stories" to re-write personal history, and GROUP histories for the better;
  • What the mysterious "CH" device is, what its dangers are, and how to use it for POSITIVE CHANGE.


But there is MORE to Story Telling - Story Telling Is ANCIENT, AND NUMINOUS!

The Story Teller: Online Course In Story Telling

Story Tellers were the original SHAMANS.

From archetypes to the Akashic Records, a true Story Teller learns to CONTACT THE GREATER REALITIES across time and space.

That is what makes a Story Teller a Story Teller, and this is the final part of this EXTRAORDINARY course.

  • Find ancient and numinous story material from across the ages by going OUTSIDE YOURSELF;
  • Contact with truly magical realities and use these to bring MAGIC into people's lives;
  • Discover a DEEP AND ELEGANT understanding of the ancient language of METAPHOR;
  • Create YOUR OWN original stories, songs and tales TO ADD TO THE AKASHIC RECORDS.



And yet, EVERY human being has it within them to become ...

... not just a powerfully moving, natural communicator;

... not just an amazingly effective therapist;

... not just a great public speaker;

... not just a hypnotically mesmerising poet;

... not just a truly original, creative artist and writer;

... not just a messenger from the worlds beyond ...

... but indeed,



The Story Teller: Online Course In Story Telling

One AMAZING course.

MANY fantastic and transformative experiences FOR YOU.

A Lifetime of communications excellence at a level others can't even dream of.

Enrol NOW and YOU can become ...


The Story Teller

Created For Human Beings

by Dr Silvia Hartmann


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