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What is the AI Effect

Artificial intelligence has made huge strides over the years, and is present in many forms in a huge range of common devices. However, corresponding advances in all related technologies, from cell phones to voice-activated light switches, have lessened the impact of new AI algorithms. “Technology creep” is all around us, as the devices we use in day-to-day-life advance just a little bit at a time, so it can be difficult to see exactly how much ground technology has gained. This relative invisibility of artificial intelligence in today’s society, due to technology creep, is known as the AI Effect. Read More

Computer Technology vs. Human Cognition

It’s difficult to determine what directions will be taken over the course of the future. However, computer technology has already been integrated into virtually every sector of human civilization. The convenient act of flipping open a cell phone or sliding a finger across a touch screen device are ways in which we now acquire information, listen to music, communicate with others and even read books.

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