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The Ups and Downs of Multiple Website Identities

I recently responded to a business reporter who posed a question to PR Newswire’s Profnet. The reporter asked to “speak with small-business owners who have more than one Web site up-and-running, to understand the pros and cons of establishing more than one online identity”.

I wrote to her saying that I have some insight on this since I am a small business owner who manages a few different websites for my own company and clients. She responded asking “Could you tell me more about your different websites?” I responded to that request, but never heard back from her. No problem. She was probably too busy on deadline to acknowledge my response. That disclaimer aside, I’d like to share with you the jist of what I wrote in my email. Read More

CEO Bloggers Getting Personal, When is it OK?

Where should CEO bloggers or business bloggers draw the line when revealing personal information? This question recently created some “hub bub” over at the Jobster blog when CEO, Jason Goldberg wrote a post about the music on his ipod.

Jason found it interesting too, so in the midst of the kafuffle, he conducted his own poll of his readres which asked “What should a CEO blog be?”. The resuts showed the majority believed that a CEO blog “Should be whatever the CEO-writer wants it to be” and “Express the CEO’s personality”.

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How To Get Rid of Roaches – Best Product I used

best roach killer

If you are dealing with roach problem and struggling hard to get rid of them, then you must use winter roach control approach which will help you to get rid of roaches easily. Winter approach can be one of the best roach killer for home. Roaches always like warmth and humidity.

They can survive warmth, but during cold weather it will make a significant reduction in their reproduction. Ideal temperature for roaches’ reproduction is around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the perfect temperature when roaches can be hatched.

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