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Partners in Change



Like us, we expect you are working to improve some aspect of your self, your job or your life every day. Like us, you will be aiming to be proactive, to stay in control. You will want to succeed with ease.

When we have choice about how to pursue our dreams, most of us really enjoy the learning process. At Inside Out Training we have made it our business to discover the most effective and inspiring ways to help people and organisations change.

Partners in Change is the part of our world we want to share with you. It is about sharing. It is a workshop, a playground, a coffee bar, a beautiful beach, a web site. We want you to meet us there to talk about learning and development:- the latest techniques, the most revolutionary theories. We want to help and advise you where we have the experience and knowledge. And we want to learn from yours. If you like to look at it this way, Partners in Change is a club for learning fanatics

Welcome to the World of Sharing

Because the World Wide Web is now such an easy place to make friends and colleagues we often want to talk to each other. To inspire and be inspired. To meet and to be met. To help and be helped.

There are 4 parts to our Partners in Change Programme

We are in the process of developing this programme and as such it is and will be a work in continuous progress. Not only are we designing and uploading the pages, but as you send us your resources the site gets bigger and bigger and of course more and more useful. The more we put in, the more we get out. The more you put in, the more you get out. On our Lifelong Learning Site, you can get help and advice about learning, careers, relationships, ‘stuck states’, personal development, behaviour change, dyslexia, irrational fears and phobias, web site design (!) and many more issues.


We often need help to solve personal or job-related problems. This is part of our everyday agenda. Because we like to stay productive as much of the time as possible, we often need help right now and cheaply.

If we ask our partners and friends, they may understand how we feel and what we need but they nearly always have their own angle on the situation. In fact we would be upset if they didn’t. If we go to a counsellor or health professional, they nearly always take a long time, won’t come out at the weekend and they charge through the nose. Does this sound familiar ?

In the coming weeks we intend to start a one to one consultancy via email which means that you can have access to online advice, guidance and techniques to help you with any communication/interpersonal problem that you have. We will be offering a 24 hr turnaround service.ie all questions/problems that we receive will be answered within 24 hours – not by a computer but by a skilled change and learning practitioner. We have a small ($5) charge for this service, to cover our costs.

You need never be alone with your problems again!

Get your own Change Consultant online.

Look out for details/bookmark this site or email us with your address and we will include you in our update mailings.

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