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With this complicated development of the epidemic, the re-enrollment of students is still a problem. To overcome the difficulties arising during the epidemic season, schools have applied many teaching and learning methods, of which teaching on online platforms is one of the optimal methods.

Zoom – Simple and free software for all users

Zoom is software designed for individuals, businesses, schools or hospitals, big corporations to conduct online meetings and conferences at many locations around the globe, serving some specific purposes such as videoconferencing, online training, distance medical examination, etc.

With just a few steps to set up and log in, users can easily use Zoom software for their purposes.

This software has some outstanding features such as: Users can participate in studying anywhere, can use a phone, laptop as long as there is a stable internet connection. Zoom is also compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, giving users more options. Sound and image of Zoom are also quite good, can ensure video call quality for 100 people. In addition to these outstanding features, the Zoom software also has other features such as: simple interface, easy to use, allowing users to share files, screens, search and store call history, make friends, invite friends to use via email, etc.

Edubit – professional software and easy for teachers and students to interact

Although having only appeared for nearly three years, EduBit has more than 3,000 customers creating websites, with more than 100,000 students, bringing the average revenue for each customer is 50 million dongs. This is an online teaching platform, with just a few simple steps, individuals or businesses already have an online school of their own with your branded domain name and customized interface as required, help you run effective online courses. There are 2 main types of course construction on Edubit: Learning via video + Documentary, Interactive Live Classroom.

With outstanding features such as online video teaching, multi-dimensional interactive virtual classroom, lecture security, anti-download, test organization and certification, etc. Edubit is truly a professional education platform.

The special thing of Edubit compared with 2 above solfware is that it helps users make money from their lectures and knowledge. This is also the reason that the quality of lectures on Edubit is always guaranteed and the number of users is increasing rapidly.

Some general reviews

Above are the top 3 most used online teaching platforms in the first months of 2020. Some advantages and disadvantages of these platforms are summarized in the following table:

  Zoom   Edubit
Advantages Simple interface and registration steps

Excellent sound quality and image

Cost savings for users

  Modern, professional software, large number of lectures and knowledge

Help users have more income from teaching

The quality of the lessons is always guaranteed, the interaction between teachers and students is high


Disadvantages Free for lessons less than 40 minutes

Not compatible with some older operating systems

Software is available for a fee.

Cost: From 699,000 VND – 5,599,000 VND / month (depending on video storage capacity, processing capacity, documents, etc).



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