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Newbie How To Start A Blog For Success


Some family and friends were thinking about starting a blog and asked the simple question How To Start A Blog . So I decided to write this article to help others too. I always tell them starting your own blog can be very exciting. It gives you a chance to get your creative side out there for other people to see and experience with you!

I like to tell people it is like going on a big adventure. Let’s say you haven’t been on vacation for 3 years and finally you are making arrangements to take off work for that long awaited vacation. You sit down and look over places to travel too, price packages for the trip, and how many days you will be off work. Budget how much you want to spend for the vacation, sites you want to go to while on your trip, eating, lodging, travel expenses, and so forth. There is a lot to consider but you are excited!


Blogging requires you to take these same principles and apply them to your new blog. Planning your blog takes time to research what niche or topic you want your blog to be about. There are thousands of things you can blog about like hobbies, travel experiences, mommy blogs, teen blogs, fashion blogs, selling things to people to make a passive income online or creating a blog about what’s new in your life to help keep distant friends and relatives close.


Let’s discuss How To Start A Blog that you will be proud of for years to come. For example purposes let’s say you want to create a blog about photography. You love to take pictures and want to share your beautiful pictures with other people, and make some money with your pictures. You can also offer these same opportunities to other people to make money with their photos too, and you can earn a commission when they buy the product. The first step is now done, you have decided what you want your blog about and the purpose of your blog.

The second step is to consider how much money you have to spend when deciding How To Start A Blog. Some people have money to spend when starting their blog, while other people are struggling just to make ends meet and have no money.

There are various choices on the internet to meet both people’s needs. If you have money to spend I would recommend starting with a hosting company like Hostgator.com which can cost between $6 to $10 per month. They can offer a lot of services free blog sites don’t offer plus you own your blog site so no one can take your site away from you.


If you don’t have money to start a blog right away than consider FREE BLOG SITES. This is a great way to start a blog with no money. There are several Free Blog companies like Blogger, Wix, Blogspot and more. The only problem with free blog sites is you do not own your site and if the company goes out of business for any reason there goes your blog too. With hosting companies you pay a fee to own your site. But for someone starting out with no money to invest this is a great way to get started.


Now we need to choose a name for our blog. This is where a lot of people make their mistakes. You want to find a name that search engines can find to send people too, right? Otherwise if your blog is on page 5 or 10 of Google, who is going to find you? Use a free tool like Google Keyword Planner to search for keywords people put into search boxes for photography. There are lots of You Tube videos to show you how to use this free tool to choose a name for your blog. Here is a quick video to show you how to use Google Keyword Planner.



Here’s 5 examples of keywords for photography. Amateur Photographer has monthly searches of 9,900 low competition and a cost of $1.56 per click. Photographer monthly searches 90,500 low competition and $2.37 per click. Photography Tips monthly searches 33,100 and $2.11 per click. Wedding Photography monthly searches 60,500 and $2.91 per click. Free Photos 40,500 monthly searches and $1.98 per click.

A quick note the price per click means when you are selling a product and someone buys your product, that is the price you pay when they purchase your product. It is not the price you will pay every time someone clicks onto your page. Only when sales are made!


Choosing a name with these keywords in it will help search engines find your blog faster and easier. So what blog names can we choose from? Here’s some examples-


10 Tips For The Amateur Photographer

Be A Photographer Today

5 Photography Tips

Learn Wedding Photography

Free Photos And Free Images


These names above may already be taken but you get the idea. We have now decided on niche- Photography, type of blogging site we will build and domain names for our blog. Similar to our vacation planning where we choose where we will vacation (we choose our niche photography), cost of trip (decided on our budget plan for blog), and sites we want to visit (purpose of our blog). Now personalize it by adding pictures, videos, images and great content for people to read.

Once you have your blog, how you put your name together is key. There are many factors involved to making your blog successful for search engines. Here is a simple example to follow.

Now your keywords Free Photos are included in Domain, Title, and Description. By having your keywords in all 3 places search engines can find your site easier.


These tips and helpful hints on How To Start A Blog will help get your blog on page one of Google. You still need a few more things to get on page one, but this is a great start. Check out our article “Your Blogging Site On Page 5-10 Of Google? ”


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Cindra Morris

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