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New reports about the thickness of iPhone 5


World´s slimmest smart-phone is going to launch on 12th September. There are several rumors that are emerging from different websites about the size and thickness of the iPhone 5. However, about the thickness of this phone, iPhone 5 enthusiasts are expecting a size around 7.6 mm. Many websites are quoting the Chinese newspapers to support their expectation about the size and thickness of the device. Most of these websites are providing measurements of the iPhone by posting the newspaper cuttings. However, the only dispute is about the thickness of the phone. All the other specifications have already been leaked directly from the case manufacturers.

About the iPhone 5 cases most of these reports are true. That means, they have confirmed the size of the upcoming iPhone. The case manufactures also has confirmed that the phone is possibly going to launch with three big changes than its predecessor; that is iPhone 4S. The size specifications such as width, height and the size of the screen is already been confirmed. They are respectively 58.47 mm, 123.88 mm, and 4 inch. However, what makes the real confusion is the thickness of the iPhone 5. Nevertheless, in this case we have to believe that the product will launch with a preferable thickness of 7.6 mm.

In this sense, we have to check the thickness of iPhone 4S to compare with iPhone 5. The current version of the phone has a depth of about 9.3 mm. If we are expecting the new iPhone 5 with 7.6 mm thickness then the new phone will be about 18% less thin than the current version of the phone. However, there are certain disputes going around the size of the 4S and iPhone 5. Some websites are claiming that the iPhone 5 will have the same size of iPhone 4. On the other hand, some others are expecting basic level changes upon the size of the phone. They claim that if they are going to launch a phone with 7.6 mm thickness, then they will have to change the size of the iPhone 5. Nevertheless, most of these websites are just sharing their logical reasoning about the iPhone 5 and its size.

Apple is going to launch iPhone 5 together with min iPad and nano iPod is not a rumor any more. More websites are discussing this possibility by considering the launching date of iPhone 4S and the new operating system iOS 6. Apple has launched the current phone in October. Even though Apple fails to launch all these products on the same date they cannot extend the launch because of several market reasons. Another reason to say this is that some mobile network providers have already begun to sell the current iPhone version for a low price. Presently the price of iPhone 4S in the United States is 25% less than the actual price. This also supports the rumor that Apple is going to launch the product on 12th September. However, rumors are just rumors we will see the real festival the day Apple releases their products.

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