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Mobile Phone Viruses Tips to Protect from a Cell Phone Virus


Part of phone security is protecting a cell phone from viruses. Mobile phone viruses are not as common as computer viruses, but a cell phone virus can steal your data and lead to identity theft. Cell phone viruses are becoming more common, since people have turned to PDAs and mobile devices as a part of everyday lives. Cell phone apps allow you to do mobile banking and purchase items online. For this reason, mobile phone viruses can steal your information and send it to an identity thief or hacker.

How Phone Viruses Infect your Cell Phone

A cell phone virus infects your phone in the same way a computer virus infects your laptop or desktop. With Android apps and iPhone apps becoming more popular, cell phone viruses can be hidden in one of these downloaded apps. Cell phone app viruses are not as popular, because the languages are not as widely known and common. You install an infected cell phone app, and just like a computer virus, the cell phone is infected by malicious software. The type of data stolen from your phone depends on the hacker’s code.

Tips for Cell Phone Security

The way to protect your phone from hackers is similar to protecting your computer from viruses. There are thousands of cell phone apps available. Do not download and install an app that you do not recognize or trust.

Read reviews from other people about the cell phone app. If someone gets a virus from an app, a review or a complaint is located somewhere on the Internet. Do a search for any complaints or information on the app. If any reports of viruses show in the search results, do not install the cell phone app.

Check your contact lists. Cell phone viruses also spread using Bluetooth. They spread to other phones and copy the other Bluetooth phone’s contacts and addresses. The phone then sends viruses and SMS messages to other cell phone users. If you receive spam or a strange message from a friend or relative, that person may have a cell phone virus.

Some cell phone viruses crash phones. It’s hard to detect if you have a virus that simply crashes the phone. Some iPhone updates or Android updates fix virus programs that cause a phone to crash. You can also uninstall the latest app you downloaded, which sometimes fixes the problem. Check with your manufacturer for the latest update, and install it to help fix any crashing issues.


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