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Make Money By Writing Reviews


Bloggers have always been looking for some avenues to make money. It may be either to meet their hosting cost or for some cash. Today is show you an easy way which do not require you to implement anything. It is almost same as writing your own post. Aint it sound easy? yes, you need to write review for various prodcuts or service and you will paid for that. The cost of your review will depend on the rank of your site, number of subscribers etc. Here I will list a few sites where you can sign-up to write paid reviews.

1. PayPerPost: PayperPost allow bloggers to earn money by posting reviews on their own blog as they post articles. Once a review is available, you can take that and if approved you will earn cash.

2. ReviewMe: ReviewMe brings advertizers and bloggers at the same platform like PayPerPost. Once you sign-up there, you will require to choose some category. Depending on that you will be alerted when some reviews are available. Once you accept a review, you need to post that within a deadline. If review is accepted then you will paid anything starting from $5. Your commision depends on your PageRank, alexa rank, subscribers etc.

3. SponseredReviews: Again brings bloggers and advertizers together but claims to give the bloggers to write honest reviews. You get paid for the reviews.

4. Smorty: Another review advertizing service.

5. 1CoolFile: If are into paid reviews, you can even try this one. Here, you need to submit your blog for 1 year. after that you need to resubmit again. Looks like they need to make sure only current blogs feature on their network. You chosse either a free blog listing or paid one(faster inclusion).

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