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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog


Writing great posts on your blog is not the only thing required to make your blog successful. You need good amount of traffic to get success in your blogging. But, getting traffic to your blog is not an easy task and is not surely not for a new blog.

The dilemma newbie blogger are facing is that how to get traffic to your blog? So, here I am listing out few of the good ways that will surely increase the traffic to your blog. There are many ways to drive traffic to blog, but these are the tried methods which should work for you as well.



Comments could be a great way to increase traffic to your blog. Just find a popular blog similar to your blog’s niche and add a comment to blog post. Now, the important thing is that your comment should add value to the article and never ever thing of spamming. Spamming or just commenting such as ‘great post’ or ‘thanks for sharing this’ will not get you anything. Instead, try to add your own vision, support a point in the article. Negative comments also drive good amount of traffic but that should be in context to the post topic.

This is the trend now a days. Make your presence is online on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Today, these sites are working well if you want to find good amount of visitors to your site. Also, try to increase your fan page liking and profile followers. This increase your website’s reputation and helps when you are ready to crack few deals, get sponsorship or advertisements for your blog.

This is another great method and I personally like this strategy very much. You write one killer article and instead of publishing it on your own blog, publish it on someone other’s blog having good amount of readers. You can easily find blogs accepting guest posts. In most of the case, there will a link on blog such as ‘Write For Us’ or ‘Guest Post’.

This will not only get more blog traffic, but you will also get reputation, higher SERP, get exposure to another big crowd.

This method will also help you to increase your search engine rankings as well as it will help get you to get noticed by other bloggers, who may starting linking back to you. This builds links for your blog and also drive new readers and traffic to your blog. Link out to a blog having detailed information about one point of your article. This will also add value to your readers.

After using the above strategies, you might have made relation with few bloggers. So, you can use that relation or make it strong by starting a blog network. Blog network is like a grouping of like bloggers who partner together to promote their blogs and help each other. This can be a big benefit for newbie bloggers as this is a great way to meet people, learn about blogging and grow your blog.

Hope this helps you to get more traffic to your blog. If you know another other method which is effective to drive traffic, let me know in the comments section below.

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