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How to buy cheapest shared web hosting plan


If you are planning to host your first WordPress blog or website and looking for the cheapest shared web hosting plans in India, then there is good news for you. Recently I have come across with a web hosting provider Namecheap.com. I was simply amazed when I came across their web hosting tariff chart. They are providing web hosting service at a cost of a domain for the first year, which is unbelievable I think. I then dig into the news a little more and discovered that they are the cheapest shared web hosting plan provider so far in current market.

Generally a .com domain may cost you from Rs 650 – 1000 and hosting plan will be monthly Rs 450-500. In fact I bought recently Hostgator Baby Web Hosting plan with monthly billing plan. That cost me Rs 450 / month. I did so as I am new to this WordPress and web hosting, so I just wanted to work and progress regularly instead of spending a huge amount at one go. So when started researching for the cheapest shared web hosting plan in India, I came across various plans offered by few big web hosting companies. Let’s compare them all together below

In the below comparison only basic plans are compared where only 1 website hosting is allowed per plan.

When other web hosting service providers are providing only 1 website hosting with their basic plans, you can host 3 websites with Namecheap.com value plan.

Why shared hosting services for a start up
If you are a starter like me then it is always better to start with a shared hosting plan. Generally shared hosting plan means, in a server many websites are sharing a common space divided into many partitions. But each partition size what web hosting companies are providing now a days are more than enough to host your own WordPress blog. Later on whenever your website grows big like Mashable.com then you can easily move to a dedicated hosting plan. The other fact of shared hosting plan is they are very cheap as many people are sharing the same server.


Now if you visit the hosting plan page of Namecheap.com, you can find that primarily they are offering 4 types of shared hosting plans. They are as follows:

You can see that first 3 plans are offering yearly plan at some unbelievable price. For a starter, the value plan will be the best as he/she can host max 3 websites for a year at a price of $10 or Rs 600 approx. But remember that these charges are only for the first year only as they have mentioned it very clearly with every plan. E.g. for the value plan you have to pay $38.88 or Rs 2400 approx for renewal of your web hosting account. In fact that is also very cool as it will cost you monthly Rs 200 only.

So far I am very much excited with this new web hosting service provider and also planning to buy a plan from them to host few more websites. I will keep an eye on this and find out more information so that we can know how they are providing the cheapest shared web hosting plan in the market while other big companies are not able to. If anyone already had some experience with them kindly share the same here by putting a comment below.

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