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How to Accomplish Blog Goals in 2018


Blog goals | A new year has just started and like every new year we chose what our goals are going to be. This year, in addition to your life goals I encourage you to work on some Blog goals. Today I will share a simple guide to help you choose your blog goals for 2018 and actually accomplish them.


Of what I have seen the majority of people who fail to accomplish their goals is because they set unrealistic goals. At the beginning of the new year we tend to get excited and this excitement can sometimes lead us to make unrealistic goals. In order to accomplish your blog goals, you will need to focus on setting your goals first. Realistic Goals. Here are some tips for targeting the right blog goals:

Take a piece of paper and brainstorm. Let the new year’s excitement get to you! Write down all your blog goals, even the unrealistic ones. Once everything is on paper you will have a clear mind to determine what goals are going to stay on the list and which ones you will save for the next year.

Strategically pick the realist goals from your list. You might be wondering How do I know if my blog goals are realistic? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Are these really goals that you want to accomplish or are you doing it for someone else?

2. Do you have the resources to accomplish these goals? (time, money, etc.)

3. Do you see yourself accomplishing these goals?

4. Can you build a plan or strategy that will help you accomplish your goals?


A lot of people ditch their goals in less than three weeks after the start of the year. But I don’t want you to be part of this group of people. That’s why I am going to share my strategy to help you accomplish your blogging goals in 2018.

Choose the realistic goals following the questions that we already talked about and write them down. I recommend you write choose 3 to 5 blog goals. Write down your goals in a place that where you will be able to see them daily. I like writing them down on my blog planner.

2. Set a Deadline!

This is really important! I know we all hate deadlines, but when it comes to blogging, I encourage you to write down deadlines if possible. Why? Because this will keep you motivated and it will help you to avoid procrastination.

3. Make a plan

Remember that I told you that in order to classify a goal as realistic, you need to be able to make a plan or a strategy? Well now its time to make that plan. Make a step by step plan that will lead you to accomplish your goals. Remember to keep in mind your deadline!

4. Track your goals

The best way to track your goals and make sure you are working towards your blog goals is to make a simple blog audit every month. You should to this for two reasons:

a) To make sure that your plan is working

b) To help you stick to your goals.


I know this seems like a lot of work, but don’t worry I got your back! I will give you everything you need to accomplish your blog goals in 2018 in this free download. Get the Ultimate Workbook to Accomplish Your Blog Goals in 2018! You will get:

* A template to write down your blog goals
* A checklist to make sure your blog goals are realistic
* A template to develop your amazing strategy to accomplish your blog goals.
* Inspirational Quotes to help you stay motivated throughout the year.


Now that I have shared my tips to accomplish blog goals in 2018, I thought I would use this space to share my blog goals for 2018!

I have mastered being consistent when it comes to blogging, but social media consistency is still a struggle to me. This year I will focus on being more active on 2 of my social media account


Bloggers Meet Bloggers Facebook Group

2. Work towards getting steady traffic

I have worked really hard on my blog posts and content marketing to make sure I get traffic on my blog, but I recently realized that the traffic I am getting is not consistent and it fluctuates each month. I will definitely focus on learning how to get steady traffic and creating a strategy.

3. Have my first Facebook live!

Live Video terrify me, so I want to overcome this in 2018. Plus I also want to connect with my readers more and teach live free classes about blogging on my Facebook group.

4. Offer my first Workshop

This is definitely something I have been thinking about, even before launching my blog.

5. Dedicate more time to blogging and less to procrastinating.

I spent so much time doing nothing! It’s not even normal. This year I want to be more productive and dedicate more time to blogging in order to accomplish all my blog goals!

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