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Google+ May Beat Facebook For Business


Google+ is the social networking that Larry Page committed to the company this year and is now looking like that gamble is going to really pay off. There is a lot of activity in the beta testing that is going on, along with some of the expected problems. It seems that most of the reviews have some negative to comment on and a lot of what they did right in creating their new Google+ social network. For Facebook, they have to be concerned about this and the potential for people leaving the walled garden.

One of the popular items on Facebook is companies promoting their brands and have pulled in a lot of people following those company Facebook pages. If Google can have a similar or better environment for Google+ company related pages, that could make a big difference in their success for Google+. In a PC World article, they are reporting that Google+ will beat Facebook just because of all the built in features that Google provides on their site. Things like search when tied to Google Places will give businesses far more than they can get from Facebook. Being visible is what it is all about for a business and it looks like the Google and Google+ combination is going to make a big difference.

With all of the existing tools that Google already provides, it is very easy for a small business to use Google+ along with the productivity tools and email. For businesses, email is not going to be going away, though Facebook would like everyone to think that it is. One of the big items that Google provides is their Checkout system that does not require you to go to PayPal. Facebook requires you to use some 3rd party to process payments and the costs are far higher as a result. With these tools for small businesses, Google looks to have some big growth once they open up Google+ for business users.

All of this is in the future as Google continues their beta efforts to work out all the kinks in what they have developed. People are trying to get invites so that they can get into the system and start to use it. Being one of the first is a desire of many in this as some consider Facebook as being too much to too many people. If Google+ can keep things simple and not try and load up too many other things, they have an excellent shot at growing to the size of Facebook in a very short amount of time.

Here is a comparison chart between Google+ and Facebook and is an easy read that tells you what you want to know about the two social networking sites, though Google+ is still in beta.

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