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Pneumatic Cylinders as Main Fuel of Compressed Air Tech

The pneumatic cylinder is often described as a mechanical component. Yes, it is used in a wide range of mechanical devices, but its uses are not limited till the mechanical devices.

Nowadays, scientists are also using air cylinders in robots. These cylinders are used in robotic applications because they perform silently.

These cylinders never drip any sort of liquid and ensure long term performance. These features turn air cylinders┬áinto a very profitable businesse’s.

Its features prove that sometimes this cylinder can be a better choice than hydraulic or electrical cylinder.

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Compressed Air Leak Detection – the Quickest Way to Save Energy

As a dinner party conversation topic, compressed air leakage management is not a mover and shaker, but what is more surprising is that very few companies pay attention to this extremely important area.

While compressed air may not be a sexy discussion point, it is the backbone of most production, with compressed gases (principally air, but also CO2, argon and nitrogen) being used in 98% of production. All factories leak, it is just a question of how much

With approximately 10% of industrial electricity usage used for compressing air, it is shocking that the EU’s own statistics show that 36% of compressed air is wasted, escaping in sometimes minute holes in the pipework.

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