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Choosing a Domain for Your Website – Pick your domain name carefully


Choosing your domain name for your website should reflect what your Niche is. It should also be able to make you the guru of your niche. The other thing is you need to be able to find it in Google search. In other words it needs to be Indexed in Google. The more your site is searched and the more your content pertains to your subject, the more likely it will be indexed. Yes it all goes together. That is why I found as much training as I could. Then we get into traffic. So much to do.

Create your website domain name. Your domain can be any number of things. It is your little piece of real estate on the web. You will own the name for one year or ten years, depends on what you pay for. The average cost is around $14.00 per year unless it is a well-known established name, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Places to Purchase your Domain are numerous.





There are many out there, but buyer beware. It might say one price to start and the next year the price goes up. So be vigilant on reading the fine print.

Once you have an idea, do a keyword search. You might want to search for keywords in Google or Yahoo to see how it ranks in traffic. I use a keyword research site called Jaaxy. It lets me know how many searches were performed on my particular keywords. Really the fewer the keyword search traffic the best it is for me to monetize it. The more precise the keyword search is the better for me to get traffic. That is how I understand it.

Example: If you use Fitness.com as your domain name, you may find that fitness as a keyword has thousands in traffic. How are you going to be noticed? The domain name Fitnessoverforty.com has narrowed it down more. I hope you understand what I am saying. Try to get something that can be indexed and noticed for your subject. Using keywords can get you noticed.

If your domain name is also easy to remember it is more likely to get traffic to your site. In the search engines, they usually find the .com first, before the .net and .org. That is something to think about.

Putting hyphens in your domain name can lead to someone not knowing your domain has hyphens and being led to another site. So, if possible skip the hyphen.

Domain names that have keywords in them have a better chance of being found on search engines.

As for me, choosingaffiliatemarketing.com met my keyword search and my goal.

I wanted people to know that they can get it all in one.

Become an affiliate marketer easily

Get the training needed

Help with domain names and purchase them when needed.

Wealthy Affiliate – The One Stop Shop

For me this was a no brainer, I signed up for free and took my first class. I was welcomed into the community. I went through the introductory classes and bought my first domain, set up my first site, asked many questions. The ambassadors of the company are there to talk to me. The community answered all my questions and helped me choose my niche, my domain, explained content and keywords. They started me off with two free websites, hosting and explained SEO to me. That is a whole new page.

I compared two other training programs that I did learn from. One wanted to charge me $10,000, yep that is right. It was not a scam. They wanted me to sell their products that are extremely expensive. The average person does not need to spend that kind of money to become an affiliate marketer or become great at it.

The other company wanted me to also sell their product, and wanted to charge me $2500. Again the average person does not have it. Being told to sell your car for advertising funds to me was just way out of touch. Now did they say that exactly NO, it was stated that is what they would do.

Both of the companies were legit companies. But I wanted to choose what I sold and to who I wanted to sell. I didn’t want to pay for advertising all the time. I wanted my products to basically sell themselves.

This is why I have become a Wealthy Affiliate and have no regrets.

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