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"zahnimplantatekonstanz I've just finished Unit 3 and I just had to write and tell you that I am blown away by this course.

The information and exercises are beyond EXCELLENT. I thought I had a good idea of the ins and outs of energy healing but I am reconsidering now and I think it's probably best to say I'm a beginner, after all.

These approaches and techniques are more than I ever expected.

I can't begin to imagine what else there will be in the rest of the assignments for me to discover.

Thank YOU."

Roseanne McLaughlin

I have been a healer for a number of years and thought I knew a lot about energy work but the clarity and depth of content of the course is breathtaking. I just wanted to thank you for these simply wonderful techniques and exercises that have already helped increase my sensitivity my skills and understanding enormously.

Senna Brown




Animal Healing Course:

Animal Healing Training course online logo: Energy Healing for animals

Energy Healing For Animals

designed, conceived and written by Silvia Hartmann


Professional Online Distance Training Course Of 12 Units

Leading To Accredited Certification as a

Sidereus Energy Healer For Animals



If You ...

  • have a deep affinity with all living beings;

  • already know that you have a healing power;

  • feel a deep desire to really make a difference to animals;

  • and you want to become a professional energy healer for animals -

... this online animal healing training course is what you have been waiting for.



Energy Healing For Animals - The Successful Student Will Be Able To:

  • understand and honour the importance of Physicality - the real, every day events and surroundings right here in the physical planes we call The Hard;

  • read and understand the animal energy systems - the energetic layers such as auras, chakras, meridians;

  • clearly find how an energy system is in a state of un-balance and what needs to be done to restore it to the Even Flow;

  • understand how animal emotions and states of mind act on the body and behaviour and how to balance this through energy healing and specific interventions;

  • read, notice and understand environmental energy concerns - geopathic influences, earth rivers, locations and energy fields in the environment in a landscape, in a situation, in a modern home;

  • understand the wider systems that have such impact on animals - the ecology of relationships between animals, their environments, their owners and caretakers and their own past and future selves.

  • know how energy devices and energy prescriptions work, how to do those and how to set supporting energy patterns in place that will help nourish and re-balance an individual, a family, or an environment.

  • understand the Principles of Energy Healing - from Permission Issues to the roles of Dark and Light energies, from Protection to Distance Healing Principles, from Bereavement Cycles to Understanding The Nature of the Quantum Time Space in which Energy Healing takes place.

  • how to interact with clients and patients - human AND animal - in a professional and loving way to create powerful healing changes for animals and owners;

..... and most importantly, the successful student will  have gained:

  • The confidence to offer professional animal healing services that are powerful, effective and so very needed in this world today.

Please Note: This course is taught from the ground up. The material is unique and has never been taught before, so previous knowledge of other healing techniques is not required. Having a connection with all living things, however, and some experience or insight into the practicalities of animal care would be a real advantage.



Animal Healing Course Contents:

Unit 1 -

Field Awareness & Attunement

Welcome To Energy Healing For Animals

The Planes Model

Connector Planes & Higher Energy Fields

The Requirements Of The Hard

First Principles Of Healing

Deep Awareness

Extreme Field Awareness


Unit 2 –

Meridians, Chakras & Auric Layers

The Bridge Between The Planes

Healing Hand, Healing Touch

Reading With Your Hands

Touch Healing For Animals

Working With The Connectors

Meridians, Meridian Points

The Chakras, Auric Layers

Relative Alignment

Unit 3 -

The Principles Of Healing

The Individual & Their Path

Conscious Desire

Being The Channel

The Individual, The Beloved

Energy Exchanges & The Healer

Dark Energies


Maintenance For You

Unit 4 -

The High Energy Systems

Permission Issues

The High Energy Systems

High Energy Field Terms & Examples

Contacting A High Energy Field

Your Personal Feedback System


High Energy Systems Awareness

Unit 5 -

Healing Toxic Environments

The Human/Animal System

The Threshold Model Of Immune Functioning

Long Term Environmental Effects

Animals As Bearers Of Human Burden

Reading People/Animal Systems

Feedback On Meta Systems

Family Systems

Other Systemic Interventions

Unit 6 –

Earth & Environmental Energy

Fields Earth

Energy Lines

Irregular/Topical Energetic Lines

Symptoms of Geopathic Stress 

“Listen To The Land”

Touching The Land

Energetic Realities In The Home

Bringing Even Flow To Earth Energies

Unit 7 -

Professional Healing Practices

The Initial Contact

The Contract

The Ethical Pledge

The Meeting

Client Expectation & Personal Style

The Treatment

The Blessing

The Closing Ceremony

Check Back & Future Support

Unit 8 -

Distance Healing & Proxy Healing

The Quantum Universe

Time, Location The Unseen Realms

Generative Energy Patterns

More Distance Healing Techniques

Story Healing

Creating A Healing Space

Proxy Healing 1 & 2

General Notes on Distance Healing

Unit 9 –

The Harmony Program

Animal Behavior Problems

The Structure Of Attention Seeking Behavior

Escalation Mechanisms

Animal Autism

Trance & Repetitive Behaviors

Positive VS Negative Energy Interactions

The Fear Of Love

Healing With Love Energy

Unit 10 –

Animal Communication, Animal Emotions

Clever Hans & The Magic of The Hard

The Learning Quadrant

Animal Emotions

Communicating With State & Energy

The Healer As The Communications Bridge

How To Build A Rainbow Bridge

Bridges Within The Individual

Bridging to PowerFields

Unit 11 –

Potions, Prescriptions & Protocols

Devices For Owners

Placebo Effects

Evaluating A Device

The Cocaine Effect

Homework Protocols

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Animal EFT

Sacred Water

Prayer Prescriptions

Tuning Exercises

Unit 12 – Farewell To A Friend

Animal Bereavement Services

The Moment Of Perfect Clarity

The Unchanging You

The Ever-Changing Individual

Bereavement As An Energetic Injury

The Energetic Stages Of Bereavement

The Circle Of Relationships

Time & Displaced Time

Re-Uniting With The Unchanging You

Final Certification Exercises


This is an exquisite course which is exciting, packed full of practical, down to Earth exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home, and will build your skills, knowledge, abilities and confidence step by step so that upon completion, you can positively and confidently offer your services as a PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL ENERGY HEALER - and make a HUGE difference in the lives of animals.


Professional Animal Healing Course:

Energy Healing For Animals

Accredited by The Sidereus Foundation


Enrol in Animal Energy Healing Online Training Course


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