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An Effective Approach To Change


When we are looking at change…whether personal change or organisational change, many of us take a deficit approach. We focus on what isn’t working, what is going wrong, what we need to make it better.

Yet taking our weaknesses and making them into strengths is the hardest gap to bridge. It’s hard to build the necessary skills in things that don’t come naturally to us. It’s also challenging to stay motivated, committed and engaged. How many of us feel excited about doing more of something we aren’t good at?

So whether you are thinking about your New Year’s Resolution or changes you are making in your professional work or business, why not try a different approach?

Rather than focusing on what’s wrong, identify where things are working really well and then look for ways to leverage it so it happens more often.

I was working with a team recently, who initially had great difficulty finding examples of when they worked well together. Eventually with lots of probing questions they identified a demanding project with a tight timescale where they had pulled out all the stops, worked really well, communicated effectively and supported each other to meet the deadline. Once we had that, we could identify all the elements involved and agree how they could replicate that in other areas of their work together. Remembering and visualising how it felt to be working hard, but effectively as a team, and the sense of accomplishment they felt also re-enforced their desire to create that environment more frequently.

Next time you are considering changes and setting goals how about considering:

When are you at your best?

When you are at your best how do you know? What do others see?

When have you been at your best, even for a moment?

How you can use that experience now?

Happy learning and Happy New Year

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