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Affiliate Marketing for Retirees


Just a bit about the idea of needing to Supplement your Retirement Income.

The stock market has not done any of us baby boomers any favors over the past year and a half, has it? Many mutual funds lost in excess of 40% in value. That is money that we were depending on for our retirement. So it has been time to reevaluate the upcoming retirement situation.
Here are some options that have been suggested by those who are supposedly “in the know”.

While these are all good suggestions, they don’t work for everyone. Instead, I have this vision of myself working … and working … and working. Until I can’t work any more. This is because I have failed to plan very well. It was quite late in my working life that I began a retirement account. I don’t make much as a teacher, and my retirement is getting closer, but my retirement fund suddenly got so much smaller.

So I considered trying to add some income that would perpetuate itself even if I was not at work. It is Internet Marketing.

I have been doing Internet Marketing since about January of 2009. That is to say, I started then. However, there was not much marketing happening, in fact, there was no marketing happening at first.

I actually started investigating the idea of Internet Marketing in the middle of 2008. Then in the beginning of 2009, I took the plunge and over the course of the next several months I was learning the process called “Article Marketing”. I made this decision to do article marketing by a process of elimination, because as you may know, there is more than one way to do Internet Marketing.

Here’s how it happened. My daughter-in-law began to sell some items on e-bay. She was selling mostly kids clothing and buying kids clothing as her kids (my grandkids) grew. She found that she could go to a local department store and find items on the 70% Off rack and market them on e-bay if they were brand names that people were looking for.

Then she bought some kids’ toys that she knew were very popular, thinking that she might be able to sell that stuff on e-bay during the Christmas season. It turned out that she has a real knack for figuring out what would be popular and in short supply as Christmas approached. The first year she made over $1000. Not bad. The following year she branched out into some very high end kitchen products that she again found on sale at an outlet mall. Again, she had success.

Well, I’m watching her and thinking that there is a possibility that someone like me might be able to do the same thing. Only I don’t want to go shopping or attend garage sales. No sir, I started looking for a better way to market on e-bay without having to do any legwork. It turns out that there is a way to do that, but in my search I came across “article marketing”.

I read about all these guys that were making a gazillion dollars a month merely promoting e-books and such. At that point I subscribed to a web “club” called Wealthy Affiliate. They are like a school for Internet Marketing. I was well on my way to becoming a successful online entrepreneur… NOT.

I was a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about 9 months. I can say that there is a wealth of marketing information (pun intended) at Wealthy Affiliate. It was too much for my brain to handle, and I could not figure out which information to use and which to discard. I got very confused.
One thing I tend to do is overdo. When I was told to pick a market that you think you would like, I picked photography, cameras, and stuff like that. I should have been smart enough to realize that the camera market is way too competitive. But, no, not me. I plunged on in and wrote articles galore about cameras and lenses. As you can probably guess, there was not much success. Oh, I did make a few sales by accident. But there are just too many camera websites to make it possible for someone with no experience at all to be able to sell cameras. It’s kind of like trying to set up a soda stand selling Winn Dixie brand soda inside the CocaCola corporate headquarters. Not too bright.

Anyway, to make a long story longer, I ended up looking again for some help. I needed a kindergarten class in article marketing. By the way, article marketing is using free resources to promote products. Your monetary outlay is next to nothing. I found two very easy to follow, step-by-easy-step programs that I could actually understand and follow. Since using these two programs, I have had some success. I had to go back to square one and simplify my process. I can see that it actually does work!

One really great thing is that these are both risk free. If you sign up for either and decide that you are not getting what you bargained for, there is a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. How can you beat that?

So here is my pitch. And yes, if you happen to click on one of them and make the purchase, I will get paid. Cool.

Do you want to Take Charge of your future retirement, and Earn Money to supplement Retirement Income by working at home?

* Work in the comfort of your own home.
* Cheap – get started for less than 40 bucks.
* Easy – even a caveman could do it (after all, I am doing it).
* Work as little or as much as you want.
* No need to bag groceries at the local supermarket!
* Do the things you want to do in retirement and only work when you want.

Below I have suggested two products that offer great value to people wanting to make money online. There is ABSOLUTELY no point in buying rehashed information from self acclaimed GURU’s that make all of their money selling their own products to people like you. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme or one that does not require much work on your part, stop now and look elsewhere. Both of these recommended programs require work on your part. The great thing about each one is that they provide the information you will need to succeed. They teach techniques that have been proven to work.

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