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What is the AI Effect

Artificial intelligence has made huge strides over the years, and is present in many forms in a huge range of common devices. However, corresponding advances in all related technologies, from cell phones to voice-activated light switches, have lessened the impact of new AI algorithms. “Technology creep” is all around us, as the devices we use in day-to-day-life advance just a little bit at a time, so it can be difficult to see exactly how much ground technology has gained. This relative invisibility of artificial intelligence in today’s society, due to technology creep, is known as the AI Effect.

How Does Technology Creep Work?

From cellphones to laptops and programming, advances in technology have been occurring at a steady rate for years. Technology generally improves steadily over a period of time, without huge leaps that get widespread attention. We get used to the increasingly efficient devices, and expect more improvements as a matter of course.

When you’re used to the available cell phone models getting better every year, you’re not amazed when a new cell phone comes out that is slightly better than the available models.

This sense of “Oh well, it’s just the new iPhone,” comes from technology creep.

What is the AI Effect?

The AI Effect is the result of technology creep in artificial intelligence. Current AI algorithms have advanced to a shocking degree, when compared to the abilities of the programs just a few years ago. Artificial intelligence chatbots can hold a reasonably coherent conversation, AI medical devices can detect anomalies as well as an experienced doctor and smart home devices can even help you keep your home secure.

AI is in everything from your TiVo to your refrigerator, but we’ve become so used to the amazing abilities of the devices around us that it’s not astounding any more. This sense of complacency leads to the belief that AI advances really aren’t anything special. This is the essence of the AI Effect.

Complacency and Technology

Computer programs help us in a variety of ways by improving speed, efficiency and accuracy, and they’re getting better at it all the time. As much as we love the technology that makes our world run so smoothly, we are often so accustomed to it that we don’t appreciate the enormity of the achievements that have taken place in recent years.

Take a step back, and compare today’s technology to the abilities of technology even ten years ago, and you’ll avoid the technology creep that leads to the AI Effect.


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Pneumatic Cylinders as Main Fuel of Compressed Air Tech

The pneumatic cylinder is often described as a mechanical component. Yes, it is used in a wide range of mechanical devices, but its uses are not limited till the mechanical devices.

Nowadays, scientists are also using air cylinders in robots. These cylinders are used in robotic applications because they perform silently.

These cylinders never drip any sort of liquid and ensure long term performance. These features turn pneumatic cylinder manufacturers into a very profitable businesse’s.

Its features prove that sometimes this cylinder can be a better choice than hydraulic or electrical cylinder.

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Computer Technology vs. Human Cognition

It’s difficult to determine what directions will be taken over the course of the future. However, computer technology has already been integrated into virtually every sector of human civilization. The convenient act of flipping open a cell phone or sliding a finger across a touch screen device are ways in which we now acquire information, listen to music, communicate with others and even read books.

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CEO Bloggers Getting Personal, When is it OK?

Where should CEO bloggers or business bloggers draw the line when revealing personal information? This question recently created some “hub bub” over at the Jobster blog when CEO, Jason Goldberg wrote a post about the music on his ipod.

Jason found it interesting too, so in the midst of the kafuffle, he conducted his own poll of his readres which asked “What should a CEO blog be?”. The resuts showed the majority believed that a CEO blog “Should be whatever the CEO-writer wants it to be” and “Express the CEO’s personality”.

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How To Get Rid of Roaches – Best Product I used

best roach killer

If you are dealing with roach problem and struggling hard to get rid of them, then you must use winter roach control approach which will help you to get rid of roaches easily. Winter approach can be one of the best roach killer for home. Roaches always like warmth and humidity.

They can survive warmth, but during cold weather it will make a significant reduction in their reproduction. Ideal temperature for roaches’ reproduction is around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the perfect temperature when roaches can be hatched.

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Compressed Air Leak Detection – the Quickest Way to Save Energy

As a dinner party conversation topic, compressed air leakage management is not a mover and shaker, but what is more surprising is that very few companies pay attention to this extremely important area.

While compressed air may not be a sexy discussion point, it is the backbone of most production, with compressed gases (principally air, but also CO2, argon and nitrogen) being used in 98% of production. All factories leak, it is just a question of how much

With approximately 10% of industrial electricity usage used for compressing air, it is shocking that the EU’s own statistics show that 36% of compressed air is wasted, escaping in sometimes minute holes in the pipework.

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